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My name is Ray, and I am the sole operator and owner of Ray's Canine Services.  I am a certified dog trainer through the Animal Behavior College, and am fully insured.  I am glad that you stopped by the website today, and I hope you choose Ray's Canine Services!
Choosing Ray's Canine Services has many advantages...
  • I work on your time.  There is no need to fit your life into another pet store's schedule.
  • I come to your home.  Sometimes being around other dogs can be very distracting for your dog when he/she is learning new cues.  We will incorporate distractions at your dog's pace
  • No dog fails!  It may take a little more time for your dog to learn a cue;  again, I work with you, on your time, at your home.  You may have heard of dogs "failing puppy school."  Dogs do not fail with Ray's Canine Services, rather dogs succeed!
  • The focus of all Obedience Training sessions is to help you build a better relationship with your dog.  Many canine issues can be solved when the dog and owner have a healthy relationship built on positive experiences.
  • Lastly, Ray's Canine Services is locally owned and operated.  This is not a franchise, which makes the services of Ray's Canine Services affordable and puts your satisfaction first!

Get to know the owner…

<-------------------------This is Toby, waiting outside of the kitchen.  He is not allowed in the kitchen while I'm eating.  Toby was found by a river bed, knocking on death's door.  After multiple foster home, he found his way into my care.  Sometimes, he comes with me to work!

He has many friends…

Toby and Watson after helping me with a training session!

Here is Toby playing Tug-O-War with Angel

…Toby taking a nap with Jack...

…having a drink with his girlfriend, Emmy...

Lastly - Here is Toby taking a nap with my daughter

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