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*Obedience Training
*Containment Systems

Pricing for Obedience Training

Sessions are about an hour in length.  Cues taught are determined by consultation.

Training sessions can also be purchased to curtail problem behaviors such as excessive barking, house breaking, aggression, digging, separation anxiety, and fear.

Single Session rate - $70

A Single Session requires no consultation, and is a great way to quickly address behavioral issues, or to brush-up on one or two obedience commands.

3-Session Package - $195

A 3-Session Package is a great way to go further in depth with known obedience commands and/or address more serious behavioral issues.  A 3-Session Package is typically completed in 2 weeks.

6 session Package - $360

The 6-Session Package is by far the most popular.  Multiple obedience commands can be taught, and behavior issues addressed with this package.  A 6-Session Package is typically complete in 3 to 4 weeks.

9 session package - $495

The 9-Session Package is for in depth training.  This package can also be used if you wish to have the trainer work one-on-one with your dog.



Pricing for Walking

You can purchase a one-time exercise session, or set-up daily exercise sessions.  Signing a contract for daily exercise comes with a discount!

1 30-minute walk: $12
1 45-minute walk: $16
1 60-minute walk: $20

Regularly scheduled walks receive a $2/walk discount

Pricing for Containment Systems

Containment Systems are also referred to as In-ground Electric Fences, Electric Fences, or Invisible Fences.  These systems keep your dog on your property much like a physical fence, but at the fraction of the cost.

Ray's Canine Services sells, installs, and trains your dog to respond to a containment system.  Costs are based on type of system purchased, size of yard, and training packed purchased.

A quote for a containment system from Ray's Canine Services is FREE, so call today!

Pricing for Pet Sitting

Call today for a consultation and a more specific price that will meet your needs and budget!
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